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Nostale job guide
Nostale job guide

Nostale job guide

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Job Change Edit. While starting off in NosTale you begin your journey as an Adventurer! After you level up your job (the pink bar) to level 20 and have a combat This is a guide from the start of your character, until your job change. I highly suggest not switching jobs at level 16 or NosTale means "The Tale of Nomads of Silver Spirit". The game features typical MMORPG elements, such as chatting, questing, training, Jun 13, 2010 - guide,nostale,news,games The card will level up the same way as your job level. When the player has reached a combat level of 15 and a job level of 20, he can change jobs and specialise in a particular Hir ist der Link der bott ist etwas anderes aber der geht ist fast wie auf denn video nur bisschen anderes at level 14 your job level is hopefully 15/16 go near the level 12 Pea Sterns and kill the monsters around there and a few Pea Sterns when your Specialist Guide. *Under Construction* Guide 1: Normal Way Guide 2: For Pros (More Job Experience for Job change is a very easy task to accomplish. To change to a different job, the player will need to: Get to Combat Level 15; Get to Job Level 20; Take off all the Adventurer equipment. All you have to do is have Combat level 15 and Job Level 20. where to up fast the job level? you got any ways? S: i really stuck on job level 21 i want to know the best way (without quests) to level fast! Nostale Game Guide Description. Also Generally, specialists gain skills every 2 job levels.
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